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The Idea of a Land Ethic: The Art of Human Connection to the Land | Less than two percent of the population is directly employed in agriculture today, down from half of the entire U.S. population just over a century ago. Photographer Amanda Breitbach wonders if people have lost touch with their dependence on land and climate as fewer and fewer live on farms. Through her recent project Land/People, Breitbach hopes to create conversations about people’s current role in agriculture and food production.

Circus Therapy | The Fekat Circus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia provides solace for current and former street children. Now mostly in their 20s, many of the performers of Fekat were once streets kids or orphans. The performers spend a lot of time at the circus compound training children in the community to do circus tricks hoping they will gain confidence and have better lives because of it.

No Space for Dreams | A woman lives illegally in an abandoned factory in São Paulo, Brazil with her three children.

Maybe Just One | Placed 5th place in Hearst multimedia | Children of a slum school in Nangloi, a northwestern district of New Delhi, struggle with education.